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XY-200B core drilling rigs on Wheels

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Product Details

XY-200B Core drilling rigs 

XY-2 core drilling rigs is a kind of core drill rig suitable for medium-deep drilling. 

    XY-2 drill rig is a kind of core drill rig suitable for medium-deep drilling. In addition to the large-diameter or small-diameter hole drilling with tungalloy-carbid-tipped and diamond bit, it can also be used in engineering geological exploration, hydrogeologydrilling, water well drilling and large-diameter hole engineering drilling and anchoring projects. It is compact in size, light in weight, strong in power, wide in application. With its excellent quality and good after-sale service, it is wildely welcomed by the users from geological exploration, hydropower projects, road construction and building industriaes. The power unit equipped to the rig can be electric motor or diesel engine.  


Main Technical Information of XY-2 Core Drill Rig

1. Basic Parameters: 
Drilling Depth: 
(1) Core Drilling

Rod Size   Drill Depth
42 mm drill rod :  530 m
50 mm drill rod:  385m
60 mm drill rod: 320 m
43 mm wire-line drill rod: 640m
53 mm wire-line drill rod: 500m
63 mm wire-line drill rod: 380 m
AW drill rod: 530 m
BW drill rod: 420 m
NW drill rod:  320 m
AQ wire-line drill rod: 565 m
BQ wire-line drill rod: 460 m
NQ wire-line drill rod:  350 m

(2) Projects of Hydrology, Water Well and Large-diameter Hole Drilling 
Rod Size  Hole Diameter  Drill Depth 
60 mm      150 mm              250 m 
60 mm      200 mm               200 m 
73 mm      300 mm               100 m

Dip Angle of Hole: 90°~65°

Overall Dimensions: (L×W×H) : 2150×900×1690 mm

Weight (exclude power unit): 950 kg

 The Heaviest Disassembled Module: 140 kg

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