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Rayon Based Soft Graphite High Temperature Graphitization Felt

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Product Details

Rayon Based Soft Graphite High Temperature Graphitization Felt 


  1. The graphite felt is rayon based.
  2. This felt is soft!
  3. The graphite felt is made out of carbon fiber.
  4. This graphite felt is for vacuum furnaces!
  5. The  is treated by a special process high temperature graphitization,with light weight,high carbon content,ablation resistance, corrosion resistance, high purity,high temperature without volatile,small coefficient of thermal conductivity,without any deformation. It is also for heat treatment furnaces or other vacuum furnaces.

Technical Specifications:

Volume Density (g/cm3) 0.08-0.12
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 0.12-0.25
Thermal Conductivity(W/m.k) 0.08-0.12(25℃) 0.40-0.45(1400℃)
Specific Resistance(Ohm.cm) 0.15-0.20
Carbon Content (%) ≥99.6
Ash Content (%) ≤0.08
Processing Temperature (℃) 1200-2500
Applicative Temperature Range (℃) 1250-2600

Available Size:

  1. Length (mm):Customized:
  2. Width (mm):1000 or 1200
  3. Thickness (mm): Customized
  4. Other size can be tailored after confirmation.


Our products are mainly used as insulation in high-vacuum and inert atmosphere furnaces. This kind of high-vacuum is widely used for metal heat treatment, meticulous and ceramic sintering, different kinds of crystallization production, producing optical fiber, and sintering monocrystalline silicon for semiconductors, usually in a high-vacuum or inert atmosphere furnace. Since these furnaces work at extremely high temperatures, it is necessary to have insulation material that can withstand such high temperatures. Moreover, for energy conserving purposes, quality heat insulation material is the best choice. We pride ourselves in the ability to offer first class technical backup to our customer base, and over the years we have developed close technical partnerships with major fields including Aerospace, Semiconductor, Automotive, Specialist Castings, Metal Composites, Crystal Growing, Hard Metal Sintering, Graphitizing, and the Heat Treat Sectors.

  • Quartz/Fused Silica manufacturing: Melting/Sintering furnaces. 
  • Float glass industry: Insulating fasteners (part of liners). 
  • Tool manufacturing: Sintering and hot pressing. 
  • Universities and Government Research Centers: High temperature furnaces, fuel cells.
  • Aerospace: Hot isostatic process furnaces, heat treating, sintering, brazing furnaces, autoclaves. 
  • Semi conductors: Silicon pullers, gallium arsenate producers, furnaces. 
  • Metalizing (metal heat treating): Heat treating furnaces, sintering, brazing furnaces. 
  • Fibers manufacturing: Carbonizing furnaces, graphitizing furnaces - induction or resistance tube furnaces. 
  • Ceramics: Pyrolytic depositing furnaces, CVD furnaces, CVR furnaces.


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