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CZ Monocrystalline Furnace

  • Single Crystal2015-10-15 11:21:49

    Single crystal ingots (called boules) of materials are grown (crystal growth) using methods such as the Czochralski process or Bridge man technique. The boules may be either s...

  • CFC Draft Tube For CZ Monocrystalline Furance2015-06-02 10:08:28

    CFC draft tube like a cylinder, it is used in CZ monocrystalline furnace.

  • Cz Monocrystalline furnace2015-04-15 13:54:51

    The Cz Monocrystalline furnace usually wrapped in PAN-based graphite felt , in recent years ,with product quality requirements improve, more and more people use rayon-based graphite felt instead. At t...

  • CFC Draft Tube2015-04-15 13:55:08

    CFC draft tube is made out of carbon carbon composite, and used in CZ monocrystalline furnace!