• Vanadium Cell System2015-04-15 13:57:12

      Vanadium cell is one of the best green battery with strong momentum of development, it has a special cell structure, very broad applications, has caused the trend of new energy industries.Chems...

  • Sappire2015-04-15 13:57:27

    Sapphire furnace usually be wrapped in graphite felt ,we have high purity Rayon graphite and PAN graphite ,High processing temperature ,it Can completely meet the demand of thermal fiel...

  • Others2015-04-15 13:57:45

    Carbon material as a low-cost non-polluting environmentally friendly new materials,widely used in various industries.Replace traditional materials, such as:pollution treatment(use activated carbon fib...

  • CFC Draft Tube2015-04-15 13:55:08

    CFC draft tube is made out of carbon carbon composite, and used in CZ monocrystalline furnace!  

  • Rigid Graphite Felt Square Shape Board Used in Polycrystalline Ingot Casting Furnace2015-04-16 14:05:50

    Rigid graphite felt board has pan based and rayon based , it is a square shape as the door and top of furnace board.

  • Carbon/Graphite Fibre felt for Polycrystalline Ingot Casting Furnace2015-04-15 13:55:47

    Carbon/Graphite Fibre felt for Polycrystalline Ingot Casting Furnace, as the thermal insulation materials, they have good quality, heat resistance.  Have pan based and rayon based!

  • Rigidized Carbon/Graphite Fibre Board for Vacuum Sintering Furnace2015-04-15 13:56:26

    Rigidized carbon/graphite fibre Felt Board is rayon based or PAN based, can be made in many shape, ring shape or square shape. The surface can be covered with graphite foil, carbon fiber cloth or plai...

  • Rigid Graphite Felt Ring Shape Board2015-04-15 13:56:54

      Rigid graphite felt board can be made in PAN based and rayon based graphite felt,the ring shape, covered with graphite foil and carbon fiber fabric, used in heat treatment furnace.  

  • Carbon Carbon Composites Materials Used in Polycrystalline Ingot Casting Furnace2015-04-16 13:53:25

    We produce many kinds of carbon carbon composite materials, such as carbon carbon composite bolt and nut, carbon carbon composite heating elements and CFC board. Which is normally used in polycrystall...

  • PAN Based Graphite Felt for Vanadium Redox Battery2015-04-17 10:18:46

    Chemshine Pan Based Graphite Felt for Vanadium Redox battery,through high heat processing ,90% of carbon felt as  gap,with a light weight and soft ,small heat capacity, good insulation,conve...