UK fiber specialist to exhibit at Composites Engineering show
2015-08-12 09:57:01

K-based Attwater, which specialises in industrial laminates and machining, will be exhibiting its range of epoxy glass, polyimide glass, phenolic fabric and carbon fiber products at the Composites Engineering show.

The show takes place from 4-5 November 2015 in Birmingham, UK.

Custom Composite, an Attwater company, will be showcasing its range of carbon fiber tubes suitable for the military, sport and industrial sectors. In particular it will be displaying part of its range of products for the marine sector including parts used in light weight, high-strength railings, tillers, and masts.

Of particular interest this year will be Attwater's epoxy-steel laminate. Developed over a decade, these steel-epoxy sheets are used for gaskets and seals in the oil and gas industry.

Carbon carbon composite board, carbon composite bolts and nut, and many kinds if composite will be used in the furture.

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