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R32N self drilling anchor bolts

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Product Details

self drilling anchor bolts R32N 

About us

Chemshine has 35years history in self drilling anchors,we have lot of agents all over the world,we manufacture and sell reliable products with very reasonable price.


Product Features


Chemshine self-drilling anchor/ rock anchors embodies drilling, grouting and anchoring as a whole. Widely used as an efficient anchoring means, in tunnel pre-support, slope, coast, mine, water conservancy projects, building foundation, roadbed reinforcement and geological diseases treatment such as landslip, crack, sink age. It’s irreplaceable in narrow construction environment.


 *with functions of drilling, grouting, anchoring 
*Chemshine Self-drilling Anchors are successfully used for anchoring in poor ground, cohesive and non-cohesive soils, and in the case of unstable boreholes.
* easy and fast to install.
*Simple systems,low requirements on personnel.
*increase productivity.
*Easy stressing operation.
*Choice of drill bit for different ground conditions.
*Must be heat treated many times to guarantee high quality.
*The thickness of our R32N is thicker than other competitors,and the unit weight of our R32N is heavier than other competitors.



Tunnelling Ground engineering

• Radial bolting • Slope stabilization

• Forepoling • Micro injection pile

• Face stabilization • Temporary support anchor

• Portal preparation • Soil nailing

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