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  • carbon fiber rope

    High Strength Dia. 5mm Carbon Fiber Cordage

  • graphite foil

    0.8MM Thick Expandable Flexible Graphite Sheet

  • Carbon Fiber Fabric

    12K 400g Plain Surface Carbon Fibre Fabric

  • CFC Profile

    8MM Thick Carbon Fibre Carbon Composite Profile Sheet

  • graphite board

    3MM Thickness Graphite Plate for Vanadium Battery

  • carbon carbon composite

    3MM Thick Carbon Fiber Carbon Composite Plate

  • CFC tube

    25MM Thick Carbon Carbon Composite Draft Tube

  • graphite crucible

    30MM Thick Graphite Crucible For Melting

  • CFC crucible

    30MM Thick Carbon Carbon Composite Crucible

  • SKXY-42A Core Drilling Rig

    SKXY-42A Core Drilling Rig

    SKXY-42A Core Drilling Rig Ⅰ. Applications XY-42A is a kind of core drill driven with tungalloy-carbide-tipped bit and diamond-bit, small-diameter. It is mainly suitable for exploration of metal or non-metal solid mineral ore bed. It is widely applied in the field of geology, metallurgy, coal mine, hydrological and engineering drilling. It can also be used in the fields of superficial-zone petroleum and natural gas mining, mine workings ventilation and water discharge tunnel drilling as well as foundation pile construction in large diameter.   Ⅱ. Characteristics ²  With eight rotary speeds and reasonable ranges of speed (please see the list of spindle speed). Max. torque 3.2 KN·m ( while with lower rotary speed of spindle). ²  With large spindle I.D. 93mm (3.66 inch), the rig is driven by hydraulic double cylinders with much longer stroke up to 600mm (23.62 inch). The rig is suitable for various drilling tech

  • SKXY-44A geological exploration core drilling rig

    SKXY-44A geological exploration core drilling rig

    SKXY-44A geological exploration core drilling rig XY-44A Mining Exploration Drilling Rig is a multi-purpose spindle diamond core drilling rig suitable for high-speed medium and deep borehole drilling in complex rock formation. Our core drilling rigs covers all the main foundation and drilling technologies with a range of models whose characteristics, capability and performance find application in every operating condition.   Application: Core drilling, Engineering geology exploration, Hydrology and water well drilling as well as Large diameter foundation piles construction.   drill depth core drilling   750~1400m spindle max. lifting force 120KN foundation pile drilling 100m hydrological well drilling   300m spindle rotation angle 0~360º spindle max. pressuring force 90KN spindle forward rotation speed 83, 152, 217, 316 rpm size (L x W x H) 3042 x 1100 x 1920mm spindle reverse rotation speed 254, 468, 667, 970 rpm spindle max. rotary torque 3200N.m wire rope diameter 17.5mm spindle stroke 600mm drum content 110m spindle I.D 93mm hoist max. lifting force 45KN power Y225S-4 electric motor 37KW/1480rpm weight (without power unit) 2300kg YC4108ZD diesel 50KW/1500rpm  

  • XY-1A Core Drilling Rig

    XY-1A Core Drilling Rig

    XY-1A Core Drilling Rig XY-1A Core Drilling Rig is a light type machine at high speed with hydraulic feeding.  Applications: 1. Drillings for the general exploration and investigation of solid mineral deposit, engineering geotectonic survey and concrete structure inspection holes. 2.Diamond drill bit, alloy drill bit and steel roller drill bit and so on are available for drilling according to different geological structures.  3.When the final holes are respectively 75mm and 46mm in diameter, the rated hole depths are separately 100m and 180m. The maximum of depth may not exceed 110% of that drilled in each hole. The maximum allowable hole diameter is 150 mm.