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Powder metallurgy sintering furnace

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  • $560000

Product Details

Product Description:


   Widely used in powder metallurgy injection molding sintering, rare earth permanent magnet materials, hard alloys, ceramic materials, titanium alloys and other materials vacuum sintering and diamond tool sintering (welding) and vacuum heat treatment processes. The structure of this series of furnaces is mature and practical, and there are many optional furnace types and configurations. It is a relatively general equipment used in the field of powder metallurgy sintering.


  Technical parameters and specifications:

●Inflation pressure≤0.1MPa (absolute pressure)

●The selection of high temperature metal/graphite material heating system is convenient for different material requirements. (This item is user-selectable)

●Low pressure control device to meet the special atmosphere process requirements (such as inhibiting the volatilization of alloy elements).

●According to material process requirements, high vacuum/medium vacuum configuration can be freely selected. (This item is user-selectable)

●The control of the equipment is automatic throughout the whole process. The automatic and manual operation can be switched without disturbance. During the operation of the equipment, the vacuum degree, temperature and heating power can be automatically recorded, and the data in the production process can be checked at any time. The equipment is controlled by a combination of touch screen and programmable logic controller (PLC), which is easy and intuitive to operate.

●The main components of the control system are all famous brand products to reduce the failure rate.

●The control system is equipped with alarm functions such as over-temperature, over-pressure and water cut off, and the system can automatically handle it according to the needs, which can reduce the damage to the equipment and ensure the safety of personnel.

●The temperature control system adopts Japanese island electricity.

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