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MGY-60D Impact anchor drilling machine

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Product Details

Anchor drilling machine  


MGY-60D  is a anchor drill with impact function,the power pack not only 

can normal rotate like common anchor drill,but also can reverse rotate(exchange the reverse hammer) ,Can be used for the self drilling anchor 

project under 51 or 51. It can continuously impact when he drill rod rotate,

it is a very reliable construction method for drilling complicated formation ,

compared with the similar products in the market , MGY-60D anchor drilling machine has the advantages below:


 1,With big power density and big drill power ,light weight and small cabbage.
2,With very fast drilling speed,3-10 times higher efficiency than common anchor
drill,can used in all the different formation.
3,Compared with the conventional anchor drill,our anchor drills do not need air
compressor or other attachments ,which save much cost for clients.
4,Compared with the conventional anchor drill,our anchor drills do not have dust
during drilling process,so can be widely used in cities.
5,There`re only drill bits and drill rods in the hole without DTH hammer ,so it will be
very safe in the hole.
6,Our anchor drill can working under water and sludge formation.
7,We have technical patent ,the consumption of energy is 1/5 of the common
anchor drills,but with twice drilling speed.
8,Fission structure and with light weight ,which makes our anchor drills can flexible
work in side slopes.
9,Refer to the photo above ,you can know that MGY-60D contains 3 main
parts,including main frame ,power station and control desk.

It adopts oil motor chain for drill rig feeding,the stroke of the rig can be customized.


Special design allows the power pack to forward or backward for 25mm empty travel ,

can protect the treads of the drill rods when disassemble the drill rods,the effect is 

very obviously.The power pack and the mast have their selfreliant chassis ,

connected by the threads,the pipes connected by quick connector,so the main parts 

of the drill rigs can be assembled and disassembled quickly and can be moved easily.


 No base design ,the mast can be directly connected with ø50 frame tube,

which makes the anchor drill rig can used conveniently on the shelves ,and be moved conveniently.

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