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Industrial Graphite Crucibles For Sale

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Product Details

Specifications from the industrial graphite crucibles :

1.Long working lifetime: its working lifetime is increased 3-5 times over normal clay-crucible due to the compact body formed under    high pressure.

2.High thermal conductivity: high-density body and low apparent porosity greatly improve its heat conductivity.

3.New-style materials: new heat conduction material ensures faster heat conductivity and pollution-free product, reduces adherent slag.

4.Resistance to corrosion:better anti-corrosion than normal clay-crucible.

5.Resistance to oxidation: advanced process dramatically improves its oxidation resistance, which ensures persistent heat conductivity and long working lifetime.

6.High-strength: high-density body and logical structure make the product better compression property.

7.Eco-friendly: energy-efficient and pollution-free, not only ensure metal product purity, but also ensure sustainable development on environment.

We also supply other kind crucilbe, like CFC crucilbe, and other kind isostatic products such isostatic graphite tube

Physicochemical Properties of the industrial graphite crucibles:

Carbon Content/%


Bulk Density/(g/cm3)


Apparent Porosity/%


Compression Strength/MPa




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