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  • HWT casing 3.0m

    Durable High Quality HWT casing PQ casing PHD casing for sale

    HWT casing , PQ casing manufactured from 4130 chromium molybdenum alloy tubing ,is a high streghth product commonly used in geotechnical/hammering operations or "P"size core drilling.   Note:Refer to the Tech Data section for technical specifications and the ITHT product manual for additional operating information. Thread Lubrication Z-50 thread compound (p/n306486) is the recommended thread lubricant to reduce wear and possibility of galling during drilling operations.

  • 3m HWT and 1.5m PW logo

    PQ rod with HWT thread Boart Longyear standard HWT casing PQ casing

    Boart Longyear standard HWT casing PQ casing