China Current PV Market Model & Barriers
2015-08-05 10:12:16

Recently, China PV market has developed rapidly. Since 2013, China has been the biggest PV market. According to the latest data of China National Energy Administration, the national PV installed capacity is up to 35.8GW until 2015, H1 including 30GW PV centralized utility and 5.8GW PV distributed generation.

In H1 2015, the PV installed capacity has increased by 7.7GW including 6.7GW PV centralized utility and 1GW PV distributed generation.

As China PV Market is flourishing, the issues have showed along. Now China Current PV Market Model will be taken and what the barriers have existed.

China Current PV Market Model: seek installation area, project financing, PV project implementation, PV generation grid-connected, PV generating operation, Government subsidy settlement

 Installation Area

As for PV distributed generation, it comes to the building roof which may take the risks of unclear building property and electricity charge settlement in the PV DG commercial section; it comes to the large investment, long payback period and social environment awareness which results in slow market development in the PV DG residential section.

As for PV centralized utility, it comes to the land. So far the national government has not set the instruction for the land tax collection of PV generation. The local governments set the rule individually, ranging in the various charge.

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