Activated Carbon Fiber Cloth
2015-07-23 14:44:26
Activated carbon fiber cloth is an alternative adsorbent to conventional granular activated carbon for capture and recovery of volatile organic substances from gas streams. Cloth has up to twice the adsorption capacity of typical granular carbon and is more suited to electrothermal regeneration. Direct heating with electrical energy can be more rapid and energy efficient than indirect heating with steam or inert gas. Electrothermal desorption also allows desorption and condensation of a volatiles without mixing the resulting condensate with water. Electrothermal desorption does not require an adsorbent drying step, as required with conventional steam regeneration technology. Inert gas heating can provide some of these advantages, but requires a larger volume of inert gas to regenerate the adsorbent when compared to electrothermal desorption.

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