Activated Carbon Fiber Cloth Application
2015-07-23 14:47:46

  • Activated carbon fiber cloth  APPLICATION
  • Filters for organic substances (chemical solutions and run-off water), especially when substance concentration level is low;
  • Regeneration of organic solvents (di-chloro-ethane, benzine, acetone etc.);

  • Galvanic grouts purification (removes organic substances);
  • Oil-separators for sewage water at gas stations and car cleaning stations. Concentration of oil-products in sewage water after filtration with “Busofit” is 0.05mg/l max;
  • Air-cleaners / odour-absorbers;
  • Filtering material for protective clothes and gas-masks for contact with toxic substances and poisons;
  • Welding gas filtration;
  • Smoking room filter; cigarette filter;

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